On 2013-10-19 10.49, Ain Valtin wrote:
> Hi
> I want to use git in a VirtualBox guest so that the repository is on
> the host drive. So in the VB settings for the guest I set up a shared
> folder "gitRepos" to /home/ain with full access rights. Then in the
> guest OS (Windows XP) I map this shared folder as G drive. Now in the
> project dir I execute
> C:\...\TPP>git init --separate-git-dir g:/TPP
> Initialized empty Git repository in g:/TPP/
> Checked, the repo structure is in the "g:/TPP/" (thus the guest OS can
> write to the mapped dir) and in the .git file created to the project
> dir there is line
> gitdir: g:/TPP
> However when tring to use the repo it fails to recognise the g:/TPP path, ie
> C:\...\TPP>git add .
> fatal: unable to access '../../../../../../g:/TPP/config': Invalid argument
> Also tryed "gitdir: //VBOXSVR/gitRepos/TPP" but this fails too:
> C:\...\TPP>git add .
> fatal: Unable to create 'C:/Documents and
> Settings/Ain/prog/AVT/TPP/../../../../../..///VBOXSVR/gitRepos/TPP/index.lock':
> No such file or directory
> Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Any idea how to get it to work?
> BTW the VB is 3.0.14 ie rather old version but it seems that this
> isn't the problem as the git init recognises the mapped drive but
> other commands fail.
> git version is 1.8.4.msysgit.0
> ain

(This could go to msysgit mailing list, so I add a CC)
(and I think, it is a known issue)

As a work around, could you try this:
> Downgrading to msysgit 1.8.3 fixes my problem.
and tell us if this helps you?


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