These patches remove the --valgrind-parallel=N option that was broken
from the outset (shame on me).  Peff's judgement at the time that its
usefulness would approximately be "meh" turns out to be correct.

What's not in the commit message, but drives part of my reasoning in
doing a revert instead of a fix: I did fix it up locally only to
notice that it was too slow in this case for what I actually wanted to
use it for.  The only valgrind-test workflow that I find bearable is
to run all the tests in the background under prove (takes hours), and
then use the prove output (which says exactly which subtests fail) in
--valgrind-only=<subtest>.  So the latter is -- again Peff was right
-- the really useful thing.

The only consolation is that I apparently didn't break any other use
of the test suite -- otherwise it would presumably have been fixed
very quickly.

Thomas Rast (2):
  Revert "test-lib: support running tests under valgrind in parallel"
  Revert "test-lib: allow prefixing a custom string before "ok N" etc."

 t/ | 133 +++++++++++++++-------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 34 insertions(+), 99 deletions(-)


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