Hello Git Community,

It would be a really nice enhancement if the commit command natively
supported _optionally_ injecting a "Change-Id: I000..." footer in the
last paragraph of the commit message template and then substituting the
"I000..." value, on commit, with a generated value _without_ having to
rely on a per-repository, native hook or a global hook that affects
every local repository.

Full Request:
Gerrit has established the change-id footer as a prominent and
wide-spread collaboration identifier.  For those contributing new
patches to a Gerrit server, it is required to either use EGit/JGit
(Eclipse) to generate commits [1] OR to use a commit hook script with
native git to insert a change-id footer during the commit process [2]. 
This per-repository hook script requirement is an obstacle.  These
communities would be better served and it would lower the contribution
barrier for many open source projects if native git supported change-id
generation & injection.

I acknowledge that not everyone uses nor wants to use Gerrit and the
change-id footer.  That is fine, but it would be a _tremendous_
usability improvement for those contributing to open source projects
(myself included) if something like a "--change-id" flag  was
implemented and maybe even a config setting to always generate a
change-id on commit (EGit currently supports this as

Sadly, my C skills are lacking as I live mostly in the world of managed
code, but I'd be very happy to cheer for a change-id champion; I suspect
there are some out there who might rally to this cause.

Thanks for your consideration.
James Moger

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