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> The change-id is exactly like a commit-id, it is an SHA-1 value, but it
> is a constant embedded in the commit message.

goes into more detail about these.

> Commit-ids change all the time because of amend; change-ids are constant
> and they are the key that links commit revisions to a discussion.

In a mailing list based workflow, when an author revises a patch
series and resends the new patches aren't linked to the old patches in
a MUA, because the Message-Ids of the original versions were not
preserved. Imagine if Git saved that original Message-Id somewhere and
could properly write In-Reply-To headers so that attempt #2 for each
patch replies to the end of the thread discussing attempt #1 of the
same patch. In a 30 patch series. Gerrit does this with Change-Id.

We briefly considered putting the Change-Id into the commit headers
(e.g. below the optional encoding) but could not because `git commit`
doesn't support this. So it went into the footer along with
Signed-off-by provenance data, which is also not expressible in
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