On Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 7:11 PM,  <james.mo...@gitblit.com> wrote:
>> That said, I don't think that --change-id option that the user must not
>> forget to use is any better than a hook that the user must not forget to
>> install.
> Having a --change-id option, to my mind, simplifies use of the patch
> workflow as it does not require downloading, copying and setting
> executable a hook script per-repository or globally.

This could be solved by shipping the hook with git. So all you need to
do is "git init --template=gerrit". --template requires full path, but
I think we can change it to accept a name and look for $datadir/$name.
A more interesting case is removing the hook. I admit I haven't found
any neat way to do it without messing in $GIT_DIR/hooks manually.

> I agree that
> forgetting to add it on the command-line is a potential problem.  This
> could be improved by honoring the "gerrit.createchangeid" value (or
> whatever setting name is appropriate).  Of course that still requires
> configuring the repo after clone, but it's clean and straight-forward
> since it is all plain "git config".
> -J

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