Am 10/24/2013 22:04, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> Johannes Sixt <> writes:
>> That said, I don't think that --change-id option that the user must not
>> forget to use is any better than a hook that the user must not forget to
>> install.
> That is why I said this in my first response to this thread:
>>> ...  We may even want to
>>> introduce commit.changeId boolean configuration variable if we did
>>> so.

That's only slightly different and still "must not forget to set".

But I am more concerned that a non-volatile change-id is totally outside
the Git data model. After we have git commit --change-id, what will be the
next requests for enhancement? 'git merge' and 'git cherry-pick' take a
change-id? Where will it end?

We could ship a git-gerrit-commit wrapper script in contrib that adds the
change-id and that people can alias their 'git ci' to globally or on a
per-repo basis.

-- Hannes
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