Am 28.10.2013 10:13, schrieb Ben Walton:
> Solaris' tr (both /usr/bin/ and /usr/xpg4/bin) uses the System V
> semantics for tr whereby string1's length is truncated to the length
> of string2 if string2 is shorter. The BSD semantics, as used by GNU tr
> see string2 padded to the length of string1 using the final character
> in string2. POSIX explicitly doesn't specify the correct behavior
> here, making both equally valid.
> This difference means that Solaris' native tr implementations produce
> different results for tr ":\t\n" "\0" than GNU tr. This breaks a few
> tests in
> Possible fixes for this are to make string2 be "\0\0\0" or "[\0*]".
> Instead, use perl to perform these transliterations which means we
> don't need to worry about the difference at all. Since we're replacing
> tr with perl, we also use perl to replace the sed invocations used to
> transform the files.

In other tests, we check for prerequisite PERL, i.e., we are prepared
that perl is not available. Shouldn't we do that here, too?

But OTOH, I think that we should skip as few test cases as possible in
such a basic test as t0008.

Just some food for thought...
-- Hannes

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