Am 28.10.2013 20:22, schrieb Jonathan Nieder:
> The git build system supports a NO_PERL switch to avoid installing
> perl bindings or other features (like "git add --patch") that rely on
> perl on runtime, but even with NO_PERL it has not been possible for a
> long time to run tests without perl.  Helpers such as
>       nul_to_q () {
>               "$PERL_PATH" -pe 'y/\000/Q/'
>       }
> use perl as a better tr or sed and are regularly used in tests without
> worrying to add a PERL prerequisite.
> Perl is portable enough that it seems fine to keep relying on it for
> this kind of thing in tests (and more readable than the alternative of
> trying to find POSIXy equivalents).  Update the test documentation to
> clarify this.

Thank you for the clarification!

-- Hannes

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