This is v2 of my proposed fix for the "local tag killer" problem that
I reported recently [1].  Thanks a lot to Junio for his feedback on

Changes since v1:

* Rebase to current upstream master (0d6cf2471f); no conflicts were

* Incorporate feedback from Junio:

  * Improve the documentation as suggested

  * Fix a few typos

* Document get_expanded_map() and fix a minor memory leak that I found

* get_ref_map(): Do not look for references that can be updated
  opportunistically among the entries added by "--tags".  Preserve the
  order of output list when changing the function to handle the new
  "--tags" semantics.  (I know more about how the output is used and
  am less worried now that the changes will have bad interactions with
  the rest of the system.)

* Improve the description of tag-following in the "git fetch" manpage.

* Moved the changes to ref_remove_duplicates() later in the series, as
  they were not really integral to the rest of the patch series.
  Make the following changes to that function:

  * Add tests of how it handles duplicates.

  * Simplify the loop in a different way than v1, to make it more

  * Extract a function to handle duplicates.

  * Improve the error messages emitted if ref_remove_duplicates()
    finds conflicting duplicates, and mark the messages for

  * Do not die() if a user-specified refspec conflicts with
    an opportunistic update.


Michael Haggerty (23):
  t5510: use the correct tag name in test
  t5510: prepare test refs more straightforwardly
  t5510: check that "git fetch --prune --tags" does not prune branches
  api-remote.txt: correct section "struct refspec"
  get_ref_map(): rename local variables
  builtin/fetch.c: reorder function definitions
  get_expanded_map(): add docstring
  get_expanded_map(): avoid memory leak
  fetch: only opportunistically update references based on command line
  fetch --tags: fetch tags *in addition to* other stuff
  fetch --prune: prune only based on explicit refspecs
  query_refspecs(): move some constants out of the loop
  builtin/remote.c: reorder function definitions
  builtin/remote.c:update(): use struct argv_array
  fetch, remote: properly convey --no-prune options to subprocesses
  fetch-options.txt: simplify ifdef/ifndef/endif usage
  git-fetch.txt: improve description of tag auto-following
  ref_remove_duplicates(): avoid redundant bisection
  t5536: new test of refspec conflicts when fetching
  ref_remove_duplicates(): simplify loop logic
  ref_remote_duplicates(): extract a function handle_duplicate()
  handle_duplicate(): mark error message for translation
  fetch: improve the error messages emitted for conflicting refspecs

 Documentation/config.txt                 |   4 +-
 Documentation/fetch-options.txt          |  26 +--
 Documentation/git-fetch.txt              |  14 +-
 Documentation/technical/api-remote.txt   |  20 +--
 builtin/fetch.c                          | 298 ++++++++++++++++---------------
 builtin/remote.c                         | 196 ++++++++++----------                              |   2 +-
 remote.c                                 |  94 +++++++---
 remote.h                                 |   8 +-
 t/                         |  36 +++-
 t/t5515/ |   1 +
 t/t5515/fetch.master_--tags_.._.git      |   1 +
 t/                  |  23 ++-
 t/               | 100 +++++++++++
 14 files changed, 503 insertions(+), 320 deletions(-)
 create mode 100755 t/


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