On 10/30/2013 11:57 AM, Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> Michael Haggerty wrote:
>> "git fetch" was being used with contrived refspecs to create tags and
>> remote-tracking branches in test repositories in preparation for the
>> actual tests.  This is obscure and also makes one wonder whether this
>> is indeed just preparation or whether some side-effect of "git fetch"
>> is being tested.
> As the test titles indicate, we are exercising the 'fetch --prune'
> functionality. However, I don't see the 'git fetch <remote>
> <src>:<dst>' form exercised anywhere else in the file.

I see a couple of examples:

$ grep 'git fetch.*:' t/t5510*.sh
        git fetch --prune origin refs/heads/a/*:refs/remotes/origin/a/* &&
        git fetch --prune --tags origin
refs/heads/foo/*:refs/remotes/origin/foo/* &&
        git fetch .. :track &&
        test_must_fail git fetch .. anno:five
        git fetch .. six:six
        test_must_fail git fetch "$D/bundle1" master:master
        git fetch ../bundle2 master:master &&
         git fetch "rsync:$(pwd)/../.git" master:refs/heads/master &&
        test_must_fail git fetch . side:master
        git fetch --update-head-ok . side:master

The tests in question didn't really check the results of the fetch
anyway.  I don't think they were intended to test fetch but only to set
up the initial conditions for the real test.


Michael Haggerty
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