Thomas Rast <> writes:

> * Does libgit2 want to remain under the Git umbrella, or participate
>   on its own?
> * Figure out the wiki situation.  In previous years the project
>   proposals and other important information were hosted at [5] and
>   github wikis [6].  Other options were floated, such as an official
>   wiki hosted by github.  (This is somewhat of a contentious issue that
>   spans beyond GSoC.)
> * Find an org admin and backup.  In previous years Shawn and Peff did
>   this.  Would you do it again?

Any opinions on these points?

I would actually favor a move to a wiki of the style that Peff proposed,
hosted by github and backed by git with either a very mild ACL or none
("bots don't know git push"). wiki had a grand total of three
edits in the last 30 days (plus some bot edits for user creation).

And of course without an org admin we don't really need to go any

> [5]
>      similarly for previous years
> [6]

Thomas Rast
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