On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 9:36 AM, Thomas Rast <t...@thomasrast.ch> wrote:
> Thomas Rast <t...@thomasrast.ch> writes:
>> * Find an org admin and backup.  In previous years Shawn and Peff did
>>   this.  Would you do it again?

If Shawn and Peff don't answer, it probably means that you should volunteer :-)

> Any opinions on these points?
> I would actually favor a move to a wiki of the style that Peff proposed,
> hosted by github and backed by git with either a very mild ACL or none
> ("bots don't know git push").  k.org wiki had a grand total of three
> edits in the last 30 days (plus some bot edits for user creation).

If we are provided a wiki of the style Peff proposed, then I am ok using it.
But until we have it, let's use the k.org wiki.

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