Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

>>  -------
>>  -v::
>> -    Verbose.
>> +    Verbose.  Currently shows the commit subjects next to their
>> +    SHA1.
> Whenever I see "Currently", it makes me wonder "why does it need to
> say that? Is there a plan to change it soon, and if so where is the
> plan described?".

I wanted to avoid documenting exactly what it does, so that in the
future it could do more than that.  Is that overly paranoid?

>> +--------
>> +
>> +git-cherry is frequently used in patch-based workflows (see
>> +linkgit:gitworkflows[7]) to determine if a series of patches has been
>> +applied by the upstream maintainer.  In such a workflow you might
>> +create and send a topic branch like this (fill in appropriate
>> +arguments for `...`):
> I think the ASCII art commit graph that shows topology which we lost
> by this patch gave a more intiutive sense of what "a topic branch
> like this" looked like than an incomplete skeleton of a command
> sequence that would be understood by those who already know how to
> work with multiple branches.  Perhaps we want both?

Hmm.  I'll ponder for a moment and try to cook something up for v2.  I
can't say exactly what, but after initially trying to keep it, something
felt wrong to me about the ascii art.  Perhaps it's that it is only
vaguely related to the actual output format.

Thomas Rast
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