Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> We are listing those that need to be added to the upstream with "+",
> while listing those that can be dropped from yours if you rebase
> with "-".  Hinting the rationale behind the choice of "+/-"
> somewhere may help as a mnemonic to the readers (see below).
> And the earlier "why +/-" could be done after this picture,
> perhaps like:
>       Here, we see that the commits A and C (marked with `-`) can
>       be dropped from your `topic` branch when you rebase it on
>       top of `origin/master`, while the commit B (marked with `+`)
>       still needs to be kept so that it will be sent to be applied
>       to `origin/master`.
> or somesuch?

Good idea, thanks.  Will integrate this more "what still needs to be
integrated"-minded wording into a v3.

Thomas Rast
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