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> Do client pushes over git+ssh ever trigger a repack on the server?

man git-config

           By default, git-receive-pack will run "git-gc --auto" after
           receiving data from git-push and updating refs. You can stop it by
           setting this variable to false.


Ok, couple problems here:

 - if it's receiving from many pushers, it races with itself; needs
some lock or back-off mechanism

 - alternatively, an splay mechanism. We have a "hard" threshold...
given many "pushers" acting in parallel, they'll all hit the threshold
at the same time. There is no need for this, we could randomize the
threshold by 20%; that would radically reduce the racy-ness

 - auto repack in this scenario has a reasonable likelihood if being
visited by the OOM killer -- therefore it needs to fail more
gracefully, for example with tmpfile cleanup. Perhaps by having the
tmpfiles places in a tmpdir named with the pid of the child would make
this easier...

Naturally, I'll move quickly to disable this evil-spawn-automagic
setting and setup a cronjob. But I think it is possible to have
defaults that work more reliably and with lower risk of explosion.


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