Martin Langhoff <> writes:

> On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 10:21 AM, Martin Langhoff
> <> wrote:
>> Do client pushes over git+ssh ever trigger a repack on the server?
> man git-config
> [snip]
>        receive.autogc
>            By default, git-receive-pack will run "git-gc --auto" after
>            receiving data from git-push and updating refs. You can stop it by
>            setting this variable to false.
> Oooooops!
> Ok, couple problems here:
>  - if it's receiving from many pushers, it races with itself; needs
> some lock or back-off mechanism


I think these should help:

    64a99eb4 (gc: reject if another gc is running, unless --force is given, 
    4c5baf02 (gc: remove file at end of execution, 2013-10-16)

They should be in the upcoming v1.8.5.

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