Sergey Sharybin wrote:
> Ramkumar, not actually sure what you mean?
> For me `git diff --name-only HEAD --` ignores changes to submodules
> hash changes.

`git diff --name-only HEAD --` compares the worktree to HEAD (listing
both staged and unstaged changes); we want `git diff --name-only --`
to compare the worktree to the index (listing only unstaged changes),
as Peff notes.

> Also apparently it became a known TODO for phabricator
> developers [1].

That was me :)

> So, after all is it expected behavior of ls-files or not and if not
> shall i report it as a separate thread? :)

Actually, I doubt it's worth fixing ls-files. Your problem should be
fixed when this is merged (hopefully in a few hours):

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