Sergey Sharybin wrote:
> To reproduce the issue:
> - Run git submodule update --recursive to make sure their SHA is
> changed. Then `git add /path/to/changed submodule` or just `git add .`
> - Modify any file from the parent repository
> - Neither of `git status`, `git diff` and `git diff-files --name-only`
> will show changes to a submodule, only changes to that file which was
> changed in parent repo.
> - Make a git commit. It will not list changes to submodule as wll.
> - `git show HEAD` will show changes to both file from and parent
> repository (which is expected) and will also show changes to the
> submodule hash (which is unexpected i'd say).

Thanks Sergey; I can confirm that this is a bug. For some reason, the
`git add .` is adding the ignored submodule to the index. After that,

  $ git diff-index @

is not showing the ignored submodule. Let me see if I can dig through
this in greater detail.
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