Jens Lehmann wrote:
> But the question is if that is the right thing to do: should
> diff.ignoreSubmodules and submodule.<name>.ignore only affect
> the diff family or also git log & friends? That would make
> users blind for submodule history (which they already are
> when using diff & friends, so that might be ok here too).

No, I think it's the wrong thing to do. We don't want to show false history.

> The ignore setting is documented to only affect diff output
> (including what checkout, commit and status show as modified).
> While I agree that this behavior is confusing for Sergey and
> not optimal for the floating branch model he uses, git is
> currently doing exactly what it should. And for people using
> the ignore setting to not having to stat submodules with huge
> and/or many files that behavior is what they want: don't bother
> me with what changed, but commit what I did change on purpose.
> We may have to rethink what should happen for users of the
> floating branch model though.

I'd argue that the only reason the diff-family is blind is because the
commit hash changes in the first place; if the hash didn't change (ie.
floating submodules were represented by 0s hash or something), we
wouldn't have this problem. The correct solution is to also make `git
add' blind.
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