Heiko Voigt wrote:
> What I think needs fixing here first is that the ignore setting should not
> apply to any diffs between HEAD and index. IMO, it should only apply
> to the diff between worktree and index.
> When we have that the user does not see the submodule changed when
> normally working. But after doing git add . the change to the submodule
> should be shown in status and diff regardless of the configuration.

Yeah, I think this is a good direction.

> After that we can discuss whether add should add submodules that are
> tracked but not shown. How about commit -a ? Should it also ignore the
> change?

Here, I think ignored submodules should behave like files matched by
.gitignore: add should not add (`add -f` would be a good way to force
it), and `commit -a` should also exclude it.
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