Jens Lehmann <> writes:

> Looking good to me. Please add tests for "diff.ignoreSubmodules"
> and "submodule.<name>.ignore", the latter both in .gitmodules and
> .git/config. While doing some testing for this thread I found an
> inconsistency in git show which currently honors the submodule
> specific option only from .git/config and ignores it in the
> .gitmodules file ...

Sorry, but isn't that what should happen?  .git/config is the
ultimate source of the truth, and .gitmodules is a hint to prime
that when the user does "git submodule init", no?

> I'd suggest to also add the --ignore-submodules option in another
> patch on top, because the user should be able to override the
> configuration either way. And what about having the '-f' option
> imply '--ignore-submodules=none'?

Yeah, this sudden change of semantics, which I think is going in the
right direction in the longer run, does look like it may be robbing
from those from the "want specific revision, but not want to see the
cruft in the top-level" camp to pay those in the "floating" school.
At least, with "add -f", it allows people to add such ignored ones,
just like you can "git add -f cruft" when cruft is not tracked and
marked as ignored in the .gitignore mechansim.
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