Jeff King <> writes:

> Right, I think that's the most critical one (though you could also just
> use the convention of ".bundle" in the URL). I think we may want to
> leave room for more metadata, though.

Good. I like this line of thinking.

>> Heck, remote.origin.url might already
>> be a good mirror address to advertise, especially if the client isn't
>> on the same /24 as the server and the remote.origin.url is something
>> like "". :-)
> You could have a "git-advertise-upstream" that generates a mirror blob
> from your remotes config and pushes it to your publishing point. That
> may be overkill, but I don't think it's possible with a
> .git/config-based solution.

I do not think I follow.  The upload-pack service could be taught to
pay attention to the uploadpack.advertiseUpstream config at runtime,
advertise 'mirror' capability, and then respond with the list of
remote.*.url it uses when asked (if we go with the pkt-line based
approach).  Alternatively, it could also be taught to pay attention
to the same config at runtime, create an blob to advertise the list
of remote.*.url it uses and store it in refs/mirror (or do this
purely in-core without actually writing to the refs/ namespace), and
emit an entry for refs/mirror using that blob object name in the
ls-remote part of the response (if we go with the magic blob based

>> Yes. And this is why the packfile name algorithm is horribly flawed. I
>> keep saying we should change it to name the pack using the last 20
>> bytes of the file but ... nobody has written the patch for that?  :-)
> Totally agree. I think we could also get rid of the horrible hacks in
> repack where we pack to a tempfile, then have to do another tempfile
> dance (which is not atomic!) to move the same-named packfile out of the
> way. If the name were based on the content, we could just throw away our
> new pack if one of the same name is already there (just like we do for
> loose objects).

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