On 12/05/2013 09:28 PM, Jeff King wrote:
> [...]
> This patch simply uses the pack trailer sha1 as the pack
> name. It should be similarly unique, but covers the exact
> representation of the objects. Other parts of git should not
> care, as the pack name is returned by pack-objects and is
> essentially opaque.
> [...]


The old naming scheme is documented in
Documentation/git-pack-objects.txt, under "OPTIONS" -> "base-name":

> base-name::
>       Write into a pair of files (.pack and .idx), using
>       <base-name> to determine the name of the created file.
>       When this option is used, the two files are written in
>       <base-name>-<SHA-1>.{pack,idx} files.  <SHA-1> is a hash
>       of the sorted object names to make the resulting filename
>       based on the pack content, and written to the standard
>       output of the command.

The documentation should either be updated or the description of the
naming scheme should be removed altogether.


Michael Haggerty
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