Muzaffer Tolga Ozses wrote:

> I am cloning over http

I am guessing you are using the "dumb" (plain static file transfer)
HTTP protocol.  With that protocol the server doesn't do anything
other than shuttle out files, so it doesn't need to do its own
progress reporting.

Perhaps the client should do some progress reporting based on file
sizes and amount downloaded so far, but it's hard to get excited
about given the existence of "smart" (transfer only what is needed)
HTTP protocol.  See git-http-backend(1) for details.

Perhaps we can document this better?  (If so, where would it have been
useful to learn about this, and do you have ideas for how it could be
worded?  I'm thinking it might make sense to put a note on this in a
new giturls(7) page with content that used to be in the git-clone(1)
'GIT URLS' section.)  Or if someone wants to work on a progress
display, that would be nice, too. ;-)

Thanks and hope that helps,
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