Andreas Krey <>:
> But anyway, the replacement question is a) how fast the cvs-fast-export is
> and b) whether its output is stable, that is, if the cvs repo C yields
> a git repo G, will then C with a few extra commits yield G' where every
> commit in G (as identified by its SHA1) is also in G', and G' additionally
> contains the new commits that were made to the CVS repo.
> If that is the case you effectively have an incremental mode, except that
> it's not quite as fast.

I am almost certain the output of cvs-fast-export is stable.  I
believe the output of cvsps-3.x was, too.  Not sure about 2.x.

I wrote the output stages for both cvsps-3.x and cvs-fast-export, and
went to some effort to verify that they write streams in the same
"most natural" way - marks sequential from :1, blobs always witten as
late as possible, fileops in the same sort order the git tools emit,

I have added writing a regression test test to verify the stability
property to the TODO list. I will have this nailed down before the
next point release, in a few days.
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