On the git tools wiki, the first paragraph of the entry for cvsps now

  Warning: this code has been end-of-lifed by its maintainer in favor of
  cvs-fast-export. Several attempts over the space of a year to repair
  its deficient branch analysis and tag assignment have failed.  Do not
  use it unless you are converting a strictly linear repository and
  cannot get rsync/ssh read access to the repo masters. If you must use
  it, be prepared to inspect and manually correct the history using

I tried very hard to salvage this program - the ability to
remote-fetch CVS repos without rsync access was appealing - but I
reached my limit earlier today when I actually found time to assemble
a test set of CVS repos and run head-to-head tests comparing cvsps
output to cvs-fast-export output.

I've long believed that that cvs-fast-export has a better analyzer
than cvsps just from having read the code for both of them, and having
had to fix some serious bugs in cvsps that have no analogs in
cvs-fast-export.  Direct comparison of the stream outputs revealed
that the difference in quality was larger than I had prevously grasped.

Alas, I'm afraid the cvsps repo analysis code turns out to be crap all
the way down on anything but the simplest linear and near-linear
cases, and it doesn't do so hot on even those (all this *after* I
fixed the most obvious bugs in the 2.x version). In retrospect, trying
to repair it was misdirected effort.

I recommend that git sever its dependency on this tool as soon as
possible. I have shipped a 3.13 release with deprecation warnings fot
archival purposes, after which I will cease maintainance and redirect
anyone inquiring about cvsps to cvs-fast-export.

(I also maintain cvs-fast-export, but credit for the excellent analysis code 
goes to Keith Packard.  All I did was write the output stage, document
it, and fix a few minor bugs.)
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