On 16/12/13 17:11, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Duy Nguyen wrote:
>>>> Ramsay Jones wrote:
>>>>> :-D I renamed this _from_ git_vsnpath() in commit 5b3b8fa2 ("path.c: 
>>>>> Remove the
>>>>> 'git_' prefix from a file scope function", 04-09-2012), because ... well 
>>>>> it's a
>>>>> file scope function! (i.e. the git_ prefix implies greater than file 
>>>>> scope).
>>>>> I'm not very good at naming things, so ...
> [...]
>> OK I go with this. I think it makes sense
>> vsnpath -> do_git_path
> I think this renaming would be still losing clarity --- it loses the
> information that this is the vsnprintf-like variant of git_path.
> Do we actually have a convention that functions with git_ prefix
> should be global?

Hmm, probably not no. However, any symbol that starts with git_ positively
screams global symbol to me. Maybe, I just need to close my ears. ;-)

I didn't intend to provoke so much discussion. I was simply pointing out
that this symbol had already been renamed, in the exact opposite direction,
once before. Please just ignore me.

Ramsay Jones

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