Am 21.12.2013 10:48, schrieb fREW Schmidt:
> Hello all,
> I was on a plane, moving around some of the many (30ish) submodules in
> my dotfiles and got really annoyed at how much work it is (move the
> dir, remove old from git, add new to git, fix .gitmodules, fix
> .git/config, fix all the parts of the submodule config) so I wrote a
> perl script to work for the most common case.
> As far as I know it should work for anyone not doing Something Weird,
> ie manually fiddling with their submodules.  The main case it does not
> support that I'd like to in the future is submodules containing
> submodules, and also at some point I'd like to wrap git mv to invoke
> this script on demand automatically.

Thanks for sharing! Form a cursory look over your perl script it
looks like it does what stock "git mv" will do since 1.8.5 (except
for changing the name of the submodule, which I would not advise
to do when only moving the submodule location in the work tree).
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