On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 05:08:59PM +0100, Jens Lehmann wrote:
> Am 21.12.2013 10:48, schrieb fREW Schmidt:
> Thanks for sharing! Form a cursory look over your perl script it
> looks like it does what stock "git mv" will do since 1.8.5 (except
> for changing the name of the submodule, which I would not advise
> to do when only moving the submodule location in the work tree).

See, I thought I read that in the changelog; unfortunately I don'g
thing it does the final set of book-keeping (changing the .git file if
you changed the depth of the submodule in the mv and changing the path
of the worktree in the actual git repo in .git/modules)

I'd love to be wrong on that as this script is clearly not perfect.  I
think my second little script in my previous email re git submodule
bugs shows the issue.  I'll include it here for simplicity though:

 mkdir -p test/a test/b
 cd test/a
 git init
 touch a.txt
 git add a.txt
 git ci -m 'initial commit'
 cd ../b
 git init
 mkdir c
 touch c/c.txt
 git submodule add ../a c/a
 git ci -m 'initial commit'
 git mv c d
 git status

fREW Schmidt

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