Adam Spiers <> writes:

>> I doubt it.  75% of the work for such a person to understand the
>> behaviour from such an example is to understand what kind of history
>> the example is building.
> Agreed.  And that's precisely why I wanted a real repository
> manifesting the given example: being able to view it in gitk makes
> that a lot easier to understand, for obvious reasons.
> ...
> Well I didn't roll my own; I just copied the example from the man
> page.  So it only tells you that I was spending a fair amount of
> effort trying to understand the man page ;-)

Oh, that part I would agree, but then ...

> Not if the man page says "if you wish to experiment with these options
> yourself, you can easily recreate the repository in this example by
> running the script contrib/foo bundled in the source distribution".
> ...
> The goal of sharing the series of commands is not to educate users
> through reading them, but simply to save them the time they would have
> to spend manually recreating the example scenario given in the man
> page.

... this part could be even easier if distro ships a sample repository,
not a recipe to create such a sample repository, no?
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