Samuel Bronson <> writes:

> I learned of "git cherry" some days ago, but only learned of --cherry
> and related options to "git log" today[1] (more-or-less by chance).
> If the git-cherry(1) manpage had mentioned --cherry, I would have
> learned of these options sooner.

This proposed log message is of an unusual style.  It is curious
that somebody learn "cherry" first before "log".

>  --------
> -linkgit:git-patch-id[1]
> +linkgit:git-patch-id[1],
> +the `--cherry` option to linkgit:git-log[1]

The description text talks about "changeset (or "diff")", "compares
the changeset rather than the commit id", "diffs are compared",
etc., which is a hint that a lone reference to "patch-id" would be a
page to read about that comparison, which is a good motivation that
may entice the readers to follow that reference.

I am not sure what value the readers of this man page would see to
this addition, though. Unlike the reference to patch-id, it is not
so obvious what gives them motivation to follow this new reference
to "log --cherry".  A new sentence in DESCRIPTION section to mention
it (e.g. "'log --cherry' gives similar information") may be needed
at the same time.

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