2013/12/22 Jed Brown <j...@59a2.org>:
> There is a difference for shared libraries if you would like to control
> which symbols are exported.  With gcc, for example, you might compile
> using -fvisibility=hidden.  Any functions explicitly declared with
> extern, bearing __attribute__((visibility("default")), or using
> visibility pragmas will be exported (similar to __declspec(dllexport) on
> Windows).  Other functions will be internal to the shared library so you
> don't have to worry about callers depending on those symbols and
> performance can be a bit better by skipping the PLT and avoiding symbol
> relocations at load time.  See Drepper's guide for more.
> http://www.akkadia.org/drepper/dsohowto.pdf

To check this I installed the libgit2-dev package which installed:
/usr/include/git2/*.h , /usr/lib/libgit2.so
Now, I exported all symbols using:
$ readelf -s /usr/lib/libgit2.so
and tried to match these with 'externed' prototypes in the Git source
directory..no matches.
I am confused!!!.

Also I checked this:
$ ldd git
There is no 'gitish' .so in the output; it seems everything is packed
inside one executable.
So your second point 'skipping the PLT...' also doesn't seem to apply here.

Ravi Shekhar Jethani
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