Hi Junio,

On Thu, 2 Jan 2014, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> If we are going to change the meaning of the function so that it can
> now take any random path in platform-specific convention

Note that nothing in the function name or documentation suggests

> that may be incompatible with the internal notion of paths Git has (i.e.
> what is passed to safe_create_leading_directories() may have to be
> massaged into a slash-separated form before it can be used in the index

The safe_create_leading_directories() function never interacts with the
index, so you find me quite puzzled as to your objection.

> and parsed to be stuffed into trees), it is fine to do so as long as all
> the codepaths understands the new world order, but my earlier "git grep"
> hits did not tell me that such a change is warranted.

You call safe_create_leading_directories() with an argument that is
supposed to be the final path, correct? So what exactly is wrong with
safe_create_leading_directories() creating all the directories necessary
so that we can write to the path afterwards, *even* if that path is
interpreted in a platform-dependent manner (as one would actually expect
it to)?

Last time I checked we did not make a fuss about
safe_create_leading_directories() interpreting the argument in a
case-insensitive fashion on certain setups, either. So it is not exactly a
new thing that the paths are interpreted in a platform-dependent manner.

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