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>> and parsed to be stuffed into trees), it is fine to do so as long as all
>> the codepaths understands the new world order, but my earlier "git grep"
>> hits did not tell me that such a change is warranted.
> You call safe_create_leading_directories() with an argument that is
> supposed to be the final path, correct? So what exactly is wrong with
> safe_create_leading_directories() creating all the directories necessary
> so that we can write to the path afterwards, *even* if that path is
> interpreted in a platform-dependent manner (as one would actually expect
> it to)?
> Last time I checked we did not make a fuss about
> safe_create_leading_directories() interpreting the argument in a
> case-insensitive fashion on certain setups, either. So it is not exactly a
> new thing that the paths are interpreted in a platform-dependent manner.

Sorry for the late reply. I just want to add that on top of that, I
would expect any function called *safe*_create_leading_directories()
in a cross-platform project like Git (yes, effectively Git has become
a cross-platform project by now) to gracefully handle
platform-specific input. In other words, I would expect the word
"safe" to be applied not only to the output (the creation of the
directory hierarchy with any missing parent directories) but also to
the input (the arguments to the function).

Sebastian Schuberth
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