Junio C Hamano wrote:
> I meant "a single branch" as opposed to "depending on what branch
> you are sending out, you may have to use a different upstream
> starting point", and a single "format.defaultTo" that does not read
> what your HEAD currently points at may not be enough.
> Unless you set @{u} to this new configuration, in which case the
> choice becomes dynamic depending on the current branch, but
>  - if that is the only sane choice based on the current branch, why
>    not use that as the default without having to set the
>    configuration?
>  - Or if that is still insufficient, don't we need branch.*.forkedFrom
>    that is different from branch.*.merge, so that different branches
>    you want to show "format-patch" output can have different
>    reference points?

Ah, I was going for an equivalent of merge.defaultToUpstream, but I
guess branch.*.forkedFrom is a good way to go.
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