Jeff King wrote:
> Yeah, I had similar thoughts. I personally use "branch.*.merge" as
> "forkedFrom", and it seems like we are going that way anyway with things
> like "git rebase" and "git merge" defaulting to upstream.

My issue with that is that I no idea where my branch is with respect
to my forked upstream; I find that extremely useful when doing

> But then there
> is "git push -u" and "push.default = upstream", which treats the
> upstream config as something else entirely.

push.default = upstream is a bit of a disaster, in my opinion. I've
advocated push.default = current on multiple occasions, and wrote the
initial remote.pushDefault series with that configuration in mind.

> I wonder if it is too late to try to clarify this dual usage. It kind of
> seems like the push config is "this is the place I publish to". Which,
> in many workflows, just so happens to be the exact same as the place you
> forked from. Could we introduce a new branch.*.pushupstream variable
> that falls back to branch.*.merge? Or is that just throwing more fuel on
> the fire (more sand in the pit in my analogy, I guess).

We already have a branch.*.pushremote, and I don't see the value of
branch.*.pushbranch (what you're referring to as pushupstream, I
assume) except for Gerrit users. Frankly, I don't use full triangular
workflows myself mainly because my prompt is compromised: when I have
a branch.*.remote different from branch.*.pushremote, I'd like to see
where my branch is with respect to @{u} and @{publish} (not yet
invented); that's probably too much information to digest anyway, so I
use central workflow (pointing to my fork) for each of my branches,
except master (which points to Junio's repo).

> I admit I haven't thought it through yet, though. And even if it does
> work, it may throw a slight monkey wrench in the proposed push.default
> transition.

We're transitioning to push.default = simple which is even simpler than current.
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