On 09.01.2014 04:10, Andy Lutomirski wrote:
> It's possible, in principle, to shove enough metadata into the output
> of 'git archive' to allow anyone to verify (without cloning the repo)
> to verify that the archive is a correct copy of a given commit.  Would
> this be considered a useful feature?

Do you know git bundles?

> Presumably there would be a 'git untar' command that would report
> failure if it fails to verify the archive contents.
> This could be as simple as including copies of the commit object and
> all relevant tree objects and checking all of the hashes when
> untarring.

I thought the git archive rather had the purpose of creating plain
archives not polluted with any gitish stuff.

> (Even better: allow subsets of the repository to be archived and
> verified as well.)

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