Because I'm on cygwin, that's a little intimidating to me.  I've never
compiled sources on cygwin.  Do you think it'll still work?

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 11:16 AM, Jonathan Nieder <> wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> Dan Kaplan wrote:
>> My environment is probably different from most.  I'm using cygwin.
>> This makes it very difficult to use different versions of
>> git/svn/git-svn, but I'm interested in learning git more so I'm
>> willing to try whatever it takes.
>> $ git version
>> git version
>> $ svn --version
>> svn, version 1.8.5 (r1542147)
>>    compiled Nov 25 2013, 10:45:07 on x86_64-unknown-cygwin
> You have three choices:
>  A) upgrade git to latest "master"
>  B) upgrade subversion to latest "trunk"
>  C) downgrade subversion to a version before that bug was introduced
> (A) is probably simplest.  E.g., something like the following should work:
>   git clone
>   cd git
>   make -j8
>   make test; # optional, to verify that the git you built works ok
>   export PATH=$(pwd)/bin-wrappers:$PATH
> Now the updated git is in your $PATH and you can use it.
> See INSTALL in the git source tree for more details.
> Hope that helps,
> Jonathan


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