Jeff King <> writes:

> There are some parts of the code that will behave badly with clock skew.
> For example, "--since" will stop traversing when we hit a certain point.
> It requires a fixed number of "too old" commits before quitting, though,
> in an attempt to bypass small runs of skewed clocks.

That actually turns out to be a somewhat sore point for me: I use
something like

git shortlog -n --since 2013/12/01 --until 2014/01/01 master

for generating statistics on LilyPond when I am doing my monthly report
begging the community for money.

It turns out that the numbers of commits attributed to me tend to go
_down_ quite regularly in the time from starting the report to sending
it out.  Which might also cause me to overlook a particularly
selfpraiseworthy item.

Not sure how feasible it would be to arrive at a stable and
complementary set of --since/--until.

David Kastrup

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