On 12/16/2013 12:52 PM, Kirill Likhodedov wrote:
> I received one more complaint for this issue, and now it appears in a public 
> repository https://github.com/spray/spray 
> To reproduce:
> # git clone https://github.com/spray/spray 
> # cd spray
> # git log --no-walk --tags --pretty="%H %d" --decorate=full | tail -3
> 3273edafcd9f9701d62e061c5257c0a09e2e1fb7  (tag: refs/tags/v0.8.0-RC1)
> ff3a2946bc54da76ddb47e82c81419cc7ae3db6b  (tag: refs/tags/v0.7.0)
> 8b4043428b90b7f45b7241b3c2c032cf785479ce 
> So here the last hash doesn't have a decoration.

The problem is that reference refs/tags/v0.5.0 points at a tag object
8f6ca98087 which itself points at another tag object 2eddbcbff4 which
finally points at commit 8b4043428b.  Probably we should handle
recursive tag objects like this, but OTOH I can't think of a reason why
one would want to create them in the first place.


Michael Haggerty
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