On 01/16/2014 11:31 AM, Michael Haggerty wrote:
> On 12/16/2013 12:52 PM, Kirill Likhodedov wrote:
>> I received one more complaint for this issue, and now it appears in a public 
>> repository https://github.com/spray/spray 
>> To reproduce:
>> # git clone https://github.com/spray/spray 
>> # cd spray
>> # git log --no-walk --tags --pretty="%H %d" --decorate=full | tail -3
>> 3273edafcd9f9701d62e061c5257c0a09e2e1fb7  (tag: refs/tags/v0.8.0-RC1)
>> ff3a2946bc54da76ddb47e82c81419cc7ae3db6b  (tag: refs/tags/v0.7.0)
>> 8b4043428b90b7f45b7241b3c2c032cf785479ce 
>> So here the last hash doesn't have a decoration.
> The problem is that reference refs/tags/v0.5.0 points at a tag object
> 8f6ca98087 which itself points at another tag object 2eddbcbff4 which
> finally points at commit 8b4043428b.  Probably we should handle
> recursive tag objects like this, but OTOH I can't think of a reason why
> one would want to create them in the first place.

Junio just pointed out to me that this bug has been fixed already, by
Brian Carlson, in 5e1361cc, which is already in master.  Sorry for the


Michael Haggerty
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