On 01/16/2014 10:03, Jeff King wrote:
We used to print "Reading from helper 'git-remote-https' failed" in this
instance. But in the majority of cases, remote-https has printed a
useful message already to stderr, and the extra line just confused
people. The downside, as you noticed, is that when the helper dies
without printing an error, the user is left with no message.

In my case it was some random misconfiguration of the libraries handling https that caused them to fail in some way silently. Full update of the supporting libraries fixed this. But previous forced git update didn't fix it.

I think your should bring back this printout. Errors only happen in a very low percentage of cases, and printing some more would be very helpful for troubleshooting. I am not sure what happened in git-remote-https, stream may have looked legit to it, or maybe it got some error from the supporting libraries and didn't report it. I can't tell now because I updated and the problem is gone.

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