On 01/17/2014 12:13, Jeff King wrote:
   $ git clonehttps://google.com/foo.git
   Cloning into 'foo'...
   fatal: repository 'https://google.com/foo.git/' not found
   fatal: Reading from helper 'git-remote-https' failed

That second line is not adding anything, and IMHO is making things
uglier and more confusing. We_expected_  the helper to hang up; that's
how it signals an error to us. It is not an unexpected condition at all.
The exit(128) we do is simply propagating the error report of the

That's the common error case: the message is redundant and annoying. The
_uncommon_  case is the one Yuri hit: some library misconfiguration that
causes the helper not to run at all.  Adding back any message is hurting
the common case to help the uncommon one.

But you can use the error code value to convey the cause of the failure to git, and avoid an unnecessary message in git itself. Based on the error code value git could tell if the error has already been reported to user.

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