Hello guys, im Gordon.

I have a question about workflow with git that i dont know if im doing
it right.
I have 1 repo with 2 branchs the first is the master of the project.
the second is a branch copy of the master but he need to have some
specifc code because is code for a client.
so, every time that i updade master i need to merge master with client
branch and it give me conflicts of course that will hapen.
Well if was just me who work on this 2 branchs it will be easy to fix
the conflicts and let all work and shine.
But whe have here, 10 people woking on master branch and some times code
are lost on merge and we need to look on commits to search whats goin
What i just asking here is if its correct the workflow that i do. If for
some problem like this, the community have a standard resolution. Or if
what im doing here is all wrong.

Any help here will be apreciated.
Thx for all.


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