On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 10:14:28AM -0200, Gordon Freeman wrote:
> Hello guys, im Gordon.
> I have a question about workflow with git that i dont know if im doing
> it right.
> I have 1 repo with 2 branchs the first is the master of the project.
> the second is a branch copy of the master but he need to have some
> specifc code because is code for a client.
> so, every time that i updade master i need to merge master with client
> branch and it give me conflicts of course that will hapen.
> Well if was just me who work on this 2 branchs it will be easy to fix
> the conflicts and let all work and shine.
> But whe have here, 10 people woking on master branch and some times code
> are lost on merge and we need to look on commits to search whats goin
> on.
> What i just asking here is if its correct the workflow that i do. If for
> some problem like this, the community have a standard resolution. Or if
> what im doing here is all wrong.

There are many correct workflows.  I personally use the workflow you've
mentioned for the exact same reason (customizations for a client), but
I'm the only developer on that repository.

What you might try instead is a slightly different workflow.  Have each
developer create a feature branch to add a feature or fix a bug.  Merge
these into master as they become ready.  Have a specific person or group
of people be integrators, and have them merge master into the client
branch as necessary, fixing up any conflicts.  When conflicts are
non-trivial, use pair programming or a review process to ensure that the
result is good.

We use a similar workflow at my regular employer, and it is generally
very successful for a department with 45 employees.

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