How much of a translation (in Bulgarian) should I do to be included?

I have no idea how much time do I have before 1.9 is out. For this round
I will try to at least translate most used commands like:
commit, push, pull, rebase

I have sent translations of gitk and git gui to this list as inline
patches, cc-ing the maintainers. Should I prod them again to be
considered for 1.9?

The stats you provide do not add up plus there is nothing about fuzzy

>     da.po     : 0 translated messages, 724 untranslated messages.
>     de.po     : 2192 translated messages, 2 untranslated messages.
>     fr.po     : 2194 translated messages.
>     is.po     : 14 translated messages.
>     it.po     : 716 translated messages, 350 untranslated messages.
>     nl.po     : 0 translated messages, 722 untranslated messages.
>     pt_PT.po  : 306 translated messages, 687 untranslated messages.
>     sv.po     : 2194 translated messages.
>     vi.po     : 2194 translated messages.
>     zh_CN.po  : 2194 translated messages.

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