2014/1/18 Alexander Shopov (Александър Шопов) <li...@kambanaria.org>:
> How much of a translation (in Bulgarian) should I do to be included?

Feel free to send me pull request when you translated some (greater
than zero) in the initial commit, and also update po/TEAMS in this

> I have no idea how much time do I have before 1.9 is out.

Maybe three weeks left. You can estimate it by checking the date
for history tags, such as v1.8.5-rc0 and v1.8.5-rc3.

    v1.8.5-rc0: Wed Oct 30 12:17:56 2013 -0700
    v1.8.5-rc3: Wed Nov 20 11:27:39 2013 -0800
    v1.8.5: Wed Nov 27 12:14:52 2013 -0800

> I have sent translations of gitk and git gui to this list as inline
> patches, cc-ing the maintainers. Should I prod them again to be
> considered for 1.9?

If the reviews all subscribe this list, you can send to this list.
But If not, you can send to the reviewers directly.

> The stats you provide do not add up plus there is nothing about fuzzy
> messages

Yes, fuzz messages are not included. I double checked the history
of da.po and nl.po, and I'm sure there are no further updates since
their maintainers sent me Email like "Hi, add me as the maintainer
for that language, and I will send translations latter..."

Remove them can make the Git package smaller and give
opportunities to other contributors.

Jiang Xin
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