On Jan 20, 2014, at 21:30, Jeff King wrote:
Ugh. Having just read the LESS discussion, it makes me wonder if the

 strchr(getenv("LESS"), 'R')

check I add elsewhere in the series is sufficient. I suspect in practice
it is good enough, but I would not be surprised if there is a way to
fool it with a sufficiently complex LESS variable. Maybe we should just
assume it is enough, and people with crazy LESS settings can set
color.pager as appropriate?

This attempts to show colors but doesn't work properly:

LESS=-+R git -c color.ui=auto -c color.pager=true log --oneline -- graph

but this does

LESS=-R git -c color.ui=auto -c color.pager=true log --oneline -- graph

so yeah, just checking for 'R' in $LESS is only approximate.  :)
Also -r is good enough to show colors too...
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