On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 12:42:58AM -0800, Kyle J. McKay wrote:

> This attempts to show colors but doesn't work properly:
>   LESS=-+R git -c color.ui=auto -c color.pager=true log --oneline --graph
> but this does
>   LESS=-R git -c color.ui=auto -c color.pager=true log --oneline --graph
> so yeah, just checking for 'R' in $LESS is only approximate.  :)
> Also -r is good enough to show colors too...

Ugh, yeah. I think LESS=+R would also break. Doing it right would
involve parsing less's option format, including "-", "+", and "-+". It's
not _that_ much code, but it feels awfully wrong to be so intimate with
a subprogram that we do not control.

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