Siddharth Agarwal <> writes:

> With git-next, the --max-pack-size option to git repack doesn't work.
> With git at b139ac2, `git repack --max-pack-size=1g` says
> error: option `max-pack-size' expects a numerical value

Thanks, Siddharth.

It seems that we have a hand-crafted parser outside parse-options
framework in pack-objects, and the scripted git-repack used to pass
this option without interpreting itself.

We probably should lift the OPT_ULONG() implementation out of
builtin/pack-objects.c and move it to parse-options.[ch] and use it
in the reimplementation of repack.

And probably use it in other places where these "integers in
human-friendly units" may make sense, but that is a separate topic.
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